Monday, July 25, 2011

Craving for... Gold

Hi everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. I'm moving today's "Movies & Mixes" post to Thursday, since I really felt like putting together a collection of gold things I've been admiring recently!

Here's a simple makeup tutorial about how to put gold eyeshadow on.

You can find another video of hers here that does another kind of gold look. Love it!

1. Black and Gold Heart Earrings from HandmadeLouisiana on Etsy. Profits go to helping with the Gulf oil spill.
2. Garden Gazebo Pendant from Modcloth. It's got a tiny golden dove hanging inside!
3. Road Warrior Harness by IHeartNorwegianWood. Looks pretty fierce to me.
4. Sequins Ye Shall Find Shorts from Modcloth. They stand out on their own!
5. Seychelles Secret Bootie from DSW. That thick heel means it's probably easier to walk in.
6. African Gold Peacock Clutch by MermaidsDream. A piece like this could dress up any outfit!

I love the way gold looks. If it's done right, it looks classy and not too flashy!
<3 Linda

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  1. I love gold eyeshadow! And the clutch is simply dreamy!

    Lost in the Haze


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