Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily Animal Doodles

I finally uploaded my pictures from all these days; you can see them all on my Flickr account.

My absolute favorite to draw so far is Day 13: Lemur. I love his expression! I may just redo this one in a nicer fashion for the shop. Perhaps with a nicer message... haha!

I am extremely pleased with my drawings, but I wish I had a tablet to draw them straight onto the computer instead so that they look nicer. I'm always too lazy to scan...

As for the challenge, it's been really hard to keep up, but I know that my drawing skills are getting better, so I'm forcing myself to persevere!

<3 Linda

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  1. Oh yes! I would definitely recommend a tablet! I have a wacom, and it is wonderful to see drawings on the computer!

    Lost in the Haze


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