Sunday, October 30, 2011

Costume Time! Part 2: Famous Faces in Art

If you're still struggling to come up with a unique costume this Halloween, have no fear! One of the coolest things that you can be is a recognizable face from a piece of art.

Andy Warhol- "A Shot of Marilyn Monroe": Instead of going out as the usual Marilyn Monroe and running the risk of bumping into another girl with the same outfit, why not become a piece of pop art? I suggest the top middle version. Paint your face a slight pinkish color, wear garish makeup, and don a bright yellow wig instead of a believably blond one. Find a version of her dress in another color and you're good to go!

Botticelli- "The Birth of Venus": This one's a bit harder to do (for obvious reasons), but I think that it is possible. Find a bathing suit top and skirt or shorts for the bottom, and an extremely long wig. Create a "shell" out of pleated fabric or construction paper and fan it out to look like the shell in the painting. Tape it to the top of your skirt (think peacock-look) or around one of your ankles (I would imagine it would be hard to walk in, though!). You can get creative by putting mermaid-like details in your hair or outfit.

Vermeer- "Girl with a Pearl Earring": I had gotten the idea for this one after seeing a still of Scarlet Johansson from the movie of the same name. Use powder and foundation to make your eyebrows appear barely there. Don a brown gown or robe. Put on one pearl earring, and lastly tie your hair with a cream scarf with blue border. It would probably be easier to buy two scarves: One that's cream and blue, and another that's more of a headband (which will be only blue, to go over your head and secure the other scarf in place). Pretty!

Van Gogh- "Self-Portrait": If you or anyone you know is a ginger man, this is the costume for you! It's so brilliant. All you need is makeup and someone who is skilled in using it (or at least is willing to try!). I love the way painterly strokes look on this man's face.

Grant Wood- "American Gothic": A great couple piece, this is! Get a pitchfork and make both of you look like old people with makeup. Wear a collar, brooch, and dress (for the female) and spectacles, overalls, and a jacket (for the male). Done!

Frida Kahlo- "Self-Portrait (1940)": Now, Frida did a lot of self-portraits, but I think this one would look amazing as a costume. Get a long white peasant dress, put your hair up, create a neck piece with wire or paper mache, and you're good to go. Don't forget to add the animals and facial hair, that's what makes the outfit!

Shepard Fairey- "Barack Obama- Progress": This last one's quite recent and good for men who struggle to come up with a not-so-tacky outfit (it seems that male outfits are always horrible... or is that just me?) Just wear a button from the presidential election (or make your own), and go to town on your face with blue, white, black and red face paint. Then wear a suit and hold up a sign that says "Progress" (or "Hope", that was the more recognizable slogan!). It's quite easy and doesn't require too much fuss!

I think I may be too obsessed with art... not that that's a bad thing!

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  1. My friend went as Frida Kahlo for Halloween and she looked amazing!! Naturally I think she looks like her... I should post a photo so you could see it.


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