Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drawing Daily is a Challenge!

Today, I decided to join and begin drawing Daily Animal Doodles in July. It's such a great idea! I love drawing animals. The plan is to draw one animal for each day of the week-- hopefully I can stick to it! 

My goals for this challenge are:

To meet fellow artists.
To learn how to draw quickly while maintaining quality.
To improve my drawing skills.
To create a trademark style unique to myself.
To learn how to draw with little reference. I often need to look at the subject every so often if I'm depicting something real.
To get myself to upload pictures more often.
To use my sketch book more.
To stop being so negative about my own work, and to start being constructive.
To stop feeling insecure about showing my own work to other people.
To sit myself down and draw for a month!

I'll be drawing daily but more likely than not, I will not be posting up pictures daily (I am simply terrible at posting anything online on time, photo-wise). I may do a collage at the end and upload them all at once. Or maybe I'll post my favorite one each week every Saturday. 

Here's my very first drawing. This is from yesterday, Day 8: Goose. I wanted to play off of the whole "Mother Goose" thing.

Here's the Flickr Group if you want to see others' drawings! There are 44 members currently in the group. If you don't find my drawings on this blog you'll probably see them on Flickr. 

Join us! It seems like it's going to be fun.
<3 Linda


  1. So glad your are joining Daily Animal Doodles! I love your Goose drawing already and can't wait to see your others :) --Andrea

  2. I know! I really need to upload the rest. I've been keeping up though, so thank goodness for that! <3 Linda


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