Monday, July 4, 2011

Movies & Mixes Monday: Patriotic Edition

This is my first "Movies & Mixes Monday" post! Basically I will post any movies or songs that I currently fancy in a convenient list with links, so that you can check it out for yourselves.

Happy Fourth of July!
I love the idea of fireworks each year, but the noise is quite insane! In my city, we're not supposed to light fireworks, but people do it anyway. The Fourth of July reminds me that we're in the middle of summer, and so we should relax and enjoy the bright sunshine.

Credit: FilmSchoolRejects
There's a new movie called "Captain America" coming out July 22nd. I'm not very interested in superhero films, and I never followed the whole Marvel comic phenomenon, but it could turn out to be quite good!

Here's the male version of the song "Firework" by Katy Perry... har har. It's actually not that bad. I attempted to tie it in to the theme for today, but I couldn't find any good patriotic songs other than the ones that are often used during parades and such. It reminds me of a video that a couple of friends and I put together for the graduating seniors, and brings back great memories! I'd love to upload it, but I'm pretty sure they'd come hunt me down if I did!

Here's some ideas of what you can do today, if you're out of ideas:

  • Braid your hair with bright red, white, and blue yarn.
  • Go classic and have a barbeque! Invite all the neighbors.
  • Light sparklers!
  • Have a picnic at the local park.
  • Make cupcakes with the kids! Or you can make sugar cookies and have them decorate it however they want to.
  • Sing songs around a bonfire.
  • Have some funnel cakes... yum.
  • Dress up and cause a stir.
  • Run through sprinklers and be a kid again!
  • Go watch some fireworks, possibly even set off your own!
Are there any traditions that you like to do for the Fourth of July?

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