Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things I Love Tuesday: Museums

I'm such a big fan of museums and collections, since they can be anything from weird and wacky, to clean and modern. Next quarter, I'm even taking a museum studies course! I'm majoring in Art History in the hope of working in an art museum someday. Here are just a few museums that I have yet to visit (but would love to!):

Source: Sizuken's Flickr
1. The Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan. It combines nature and sculpture to create a unique experience.
Source: Marvin's Museum Website
2. Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Michigan, US. It has everything from coin-operated games to vintage fans, and is sure to be an interesting visit.

Source: LittleBrumble
3. The 3D Center of Art and Photography in Oregon, US. An interactive museum with special 3D screenings, classes where you can learn to make 3D images, and even portions dedicated to ViewMaster® toys, remember those?

Source: Busy Beaver Button Co
4. Busy Beaver Button Co. in Illinois, US. It's the only known pin-back button museum! I remember loving pinning these to my backpack in high school. It looks like it's really cutely displayed.

5. The Youngtown Rock and Roll Museum in Ontario, Canada. Its focus is the 1950s to 1970s, which happens to be most of my favorite music to listen to. They have a Beatles exhibit (!!!) as well as a Neil Young one, and so much more.

There are way more that I like, but I think I'll break it off and do another post on museums later! So many of these museums are free to the public; more people should go! I'd love to do a museum road-trip sometime. It would be a nice adventure, I think!

<3 Linda

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