Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lovely days, lovely nights

I really need to remember to take my camera outside in the daytime. I've been working on crocheting (as per usual), and am going to switch my focus to painting and drawing tomorrow if everything works out well. It'll be nice to work on canvas and watercolor paper after a long time of doing purely crochet for the store. I have a couple of portfolio pieces to put together too, so it's been a lot of crafting for me recently! Not that I mind.

 Yes, those are avocado plants. I can't wait to devour those strawberries.

Here's a picture of yesterday's quail prompt from Daily Animal Doodles. I didn't bother fixing the picture on Photoshop. Why? Because I finally have a new scanner/printer! However, the software malfunctioned when I tried to download it to my computer, so I have to look into that. But I just wanted to share this with you! I can't wait for my drawings to have a nice clean, white background.

I like doing my Daily Animal Doodle right before going to bed, to wind down, so I haven't done today's yet. The animal is "raccoon" and it's going to be cute!

<3 Linda

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