Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yarn and Photoshop

Just a quick post to say that the shop is progressing! Only ten more days until the store opens, and I'm very excited! Currently I'm working on little knick-knacks, nothing too large, but as time progresses I am planning on putting some bigger pieces up. I just want to get a stable start without getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday was really nice. My friends and I went around town, attempted to walk around the lake, drank lots of cucumber water, and caught up at a cafe. All in all, a good day! My camera died on me, so I have no pictures. Womp.

Here's a sneak peek at the new banner for the store:

I'm off to doodle, brainstorm, and crochet my day away! I'll hopefully be uploading some drawings from the Daily Animal Doodles, too. I've been keeping up, but often forgetting to photograph and upload them onto Flickr for others to see!

<3 Linda

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