Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TiLT: Too-Cute Tea Infusers!

I've always used tea bags for my tea, but loose-leaf tea is so much cheaper! You can buy it in large bags instead of buying teeny boxes of tea bags. To steep the tea, you need a tea infuser. And that's where these babies come in! They're so adorable. I feel like there's a huge gap for creating a business out there for creative tea infusers. Here are some of my favorites and where you can buy them:
  1. These fruity tea infusers look so colorful and happy together, I like it!
  2. This seashell one is meant to be a wedding favor, but seeing as how there's no wedding in my near future, I would probably end up buying this for myself!
  3. This shark one is so cute because it floats on top of the water, making it darker and darker until you can only see the shark fin poking out! Innovative, huh?
  4. I found this monkey one on EBay. The way it's supposed to hang off the sides of your cup is genius!
  5. Tea-ception.
  6. The rubber ducky idea is similar to the shark fin idea... but it has the added bonus of being a fun toy on the side! Not that you'd want to take it into the bath with you or anything... (Can you say tea bath? And yes, those do exist!)
  7. Playing off the idea of dipping something underwater, this scuba diver silicone tea infuser is pretty well-thought out. I like how large his head is in proportion to his body!
  8. Finally, the one that started the search for the best tea infuser on the internet: This candy cane tea infuser from Modcloth. It's coming out soon! I can't wait. I love how it hangs off the side of the cup :)
I mean, really. Now that the holidays are coming up, you're probably going to be looking for gifts. And what better thing to get a tea-lover?!
<3 Linda
PS. Confession time: Oh no... I'm a day off! I wrote this post yesterday, but didn't get to send it out, and that's why it's a "Things I Love Tuesday" post. Sorry!

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  1. I always see the cutest infusers when I'm shopping and always resist buying them because I rarely drink tea... maybe I'll have to start. These are adorable.


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