Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baking... c'est magnifique!

I'm actually really bad at baking. I messed up on this recipe three times, at least! I accidentally forgot to add the liquer, I blended the raspberries when they were frozen and had to then wait for it to melt, and I stirred in the entire batch of raspberry sauce instead of 1 tablespoon of it... just to name a few!

First, the raspberries.

Mmm... Ghirardelli white chocolate!

Stirring it up (Also known as Gaffe #1:)

Commence the "oohs" and "aahs" at the lovely swirls:

This is more like the color it turned out to be:

Mixing more chocolate because I forgot to put it all in... Oops!

It was a lovely shade of mauve, not the color of Pepto Bismol as seen below.

Presto, we have white chocolate raspberry mousse! (Without the sauce, thanks to my mistakes. :)) It still tasted brilliant. This picture was taken the next day. That whipping cream's looking a little peaky... Har har.

Sorry for the horrible lighting... I have yet to get a nice camera. I only realized that using flash didn't look so horrible towards the end, hence the sudden change in the appearance of the photos!

Overall: It was extremely easy to make, and fool-proof! I enjoyed making it because it was also easy to get the ingredients, nothing was really hard to find or measure. Tasted delicious too. Huzzah for cold desserts to beat the summer heat!

<3 Linda
PS. Anyone want to share some dessert recipes with me? I'm a huge baking fan, even if I seldom do it.

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