Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So my internet came back last night, and I'm now ready to post... expect to see these babies in the shop by 5PM EST!

Little bow blue skinny waist belt (mainly because I needed one at the time so I decided to make another for the shop)

Bunting three-chain headband... ooh, shiny!
Most excited about this one. Custom scallop brooches, choose your own colors!
Bone Hair Clip. For those who don't take life too seriously.
Note the beehive in the last photo... pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Although my hair still needs a bit of growing out before it looks nice and full!

And now, I feel like this time calls for self-evaluation (or I just like talking to myself, one or the other!). I'm slowly starting to figure out what direction I want my shop to go in, so that's good. I initally wanted to build inventory so I've been crocheting like a mad (fun?) woman these days. I think I should probably begin editing soon; being a bit more picky about what I put in the shop and experimenting more!

On a kind-of related note, I'm testing out prints today, so fingers crossed that it works out! The reason why I'm so excited about it is because I can bring a bit more personality to my prints than to my crochet (but I still love both).

Alright. Enough rambling about the shop, I've just been a very excited little lady these past couple of days! I love simply doing what I love.
<3 Linda


  1. gorgeous hairstyling!! I love the scallop brooches so much : ) definitely on my birthday wish list

  2. Oh my gosh, that bone hairclip/hairstyle is so freakin' cute! <3

  3. That bone hair clip is one of the best ideas ever. Very Pebbles from Flintstones!


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