Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Postivity!

Think of the little things.

And if you can't come up with anything, go here and be reminded of all of them in a simple picture format. Or...

If you like a blogging format instead of pictures, you can also read about all the little things that happen that you take for granted here. I've read this blog for years, and I really don't realize how amazing some of these things are until I read about them! One of my favorites is a classic, but some of the others are not quite the usual cliches. I mean,  "#815 When you nudge the person snoring next to you and it makes them stop"? Awesome.

Some of my favorite "little things" as of recent?
x Seeing one of your favorite bands on TV after a long time. Or hearing them on the radio. (RHCP, I will always love you.)
x Shaving your legs and reveling in the silky smoothness.
x Sleeping on just-washed sheets and a cold pillow. Oh yeah, two in one!
x Thinking about your best friend and then hearing from them the next day.
x Waking up at an early hour feeling rested, without need of an alarm clock.
x Finding out that someone has landed safely after a long flight.
x Seeing people you haven't seen in ages, and it's as though no time has passed.
x Finding out that a band you really want to see is heading to your city.
x Reading old emails and realizing the amazing leaps your grammar has taken over the years.
x Enjoying gifts that people bring back from their travels. (Has anyone tried Soan Papdi? It is an Indian sweet and it is brilliant.)

I wasn't having such a great day yesterday, but thinking about this makes today feel a little brighter. Make your own lists, and link it to me in the comments if you do!
<3 Linda

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