Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Warning! This is an extremely old photo due to my camera's temporary death.
On Thursday, my friend Sarah and I did a little bit of thrifting in a new store, came back to my place and had a sleepover. We went through all of my old things that had been packed away, (tried to) DIY, did tarot readings for each other, and even made vegan cupcakes that tasted horrible. We ended up talking through the night, and woke up the next morning super tired. We attempted to read, watched Project Runway wrapped in blankets and went to a lake in our city that we had both never visited before. It was nice getting our feet wet in the burning sun! Today was particularly fierce. Finally we finished it off with a late lunch and a trip through the hills. After that, my other plans got cancelled, so I stayed in and continued to read while drinking tea and enjoying biscuits instead. I'd say that made for a nice day! I like doing things with friends, versus the normal "what's on TV?" funk that a lot of people fall into.

I ended up writing a lot about friendship, actually, but I've cut it into different posts so that it's not too long. Excited for the weekend since I'm visiting a flea market tomorrow!
<3 Linda

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