Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop Update!

I will soon be adding these lovelies to the shop:
This headband is peachy keen!
Muffs are good for people who always have cold hands (like me!). This one has white faux fur on the inside!
Stripes are always in. Especially when paired with a cowl/ shawl thing.
Goodness. I feel like I still haven't reached my store's maximum potential, but it's only been a week since it's been open. I still have several products that are about 99% done (just have to add a button!) but I haven't finished them up yet because I've been working on new ones. Sigh. Hope you like these, though! :) I am pushing my crochet and knitting skills every day, so I am feeling satisfied.

I feel like a lot of people who create have this urge-- the urge to miraculously turn all your ideas into finished products at the blink of an eye-- but just remember, it has to take time! I need to remind myself sometimes too.
<3 Linda

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  1. That headband is adorable! My head-shape must be bad for them, because they always slide off...otherwise I'd definitely buy one. So good.


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