Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bamboozled: This is a Sketch

This was drawn on my tablet on 8/23, actually, but I didn't get a chance to upload it to Blogger. I started out trying to draw myself and ended up drawing someone who looks uncannily like one of my old classmates. Since I was going for a sketch-y feel (har har. I'm not funny), I set my paintbrush on a thin setting and just tried to sketch it out. I was going for a flying or dancing feel, but I don't know if I achieved that.

And a little of the in-progress lemur!
I'm half contemplating not finishing him because he looks a little too weird! I've grown attached to him though, oddly enough. So far this one's been fun and I like the clean lines that I can create.

<3 Linda

PS. Quick notes: The site is under construction so the DIY button and L'Histoire de L'Art button on the left are just placeholders for future categories; All the other buttons work but I might be getting rid a couple. I'm thinking of scrapping all the buttons altogether and redoing them to match the banner, since they're a little vibrant. / Perfectionist speaking. :(

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