Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Organization & Productivity

For today's TiLT, I decided to do an organization/ productivity theme. Why? Because we all need a little help in that area in our lives, and the internet's the perfect place to find that help. Organization can occur in your mind, your lifestyle, or your work ethic. It can really affect your life, since it's so hard to keep track of things these days!

I've been hoarding many of these sites and articles until recently, when I posted them in a disorganized fashion on Tumblr. So here's attempt number two at creating a nice little list on being more organized in life!

1. Teux-Deux is my go-to site right now. I find that making physical to-do lists results in me losing them constantly, so having a weekly calendar right on my computer (where I spend most of my time) is perfect for me. I also use it as an idea board. I stay logged in, keep the tab pinned to my browser, and throughout the day, I write down the random little ideas that come to me. That way, I cannot lose or forget them! (Yes, I am a wee bit scatterbrained.) It's super-easy to move things around too. Teux-Deux also has an iPhone App, for those of you who are attached to your phones.

2. MyTomatoes is a really useful productivity checker that I don't use as much as I used to. It's helpful during the school year. When I start a project, I find it difficult to step away from it, and soon I find that my whole day is gone! MyTomatoes uses the "pomodoro technique" for studying; All you have to do is create a free account, click on the large "Start Tomato" button, and it gives you a 25 minute chunk to do whatever you wish. This way you can focus on it, but once the time is up, you can take a 5 minute break or move on to doing something else. The site also allows you to record what you did in those 25 minutes. I loved looking at my progress because it showed that the site was really working for me!

3. Listography is for people who are listaholics. I cannot stop writing lists everywhere. I even included that little tidbit during a "5 Little Facts About Me" segment I did recently! It is a huge part of my life. Imagine my excitement when I found a website that allowed me to write, categorize, color-code, and add pictures to my lists! Here's my account, if you're curious. It's a lovely little site for creating short and long term goals, or lists of movies you want to see. I also used it to store my dream prom dresses (mostly vintage, as you can see). Cool thing is, you can even comment on other people's lists and find people who share your interests! It's like a social network for list maniacs... In other words, perfect.

4. An Article by David from Raptitude. It's called "How to Make a Life List You'll Actually Do: A Comprehensive Guide", which is pretty much the reason why I've gotten a bit better at the whole list problem mentioned above. It has opened my eyes so much. I am a dreamer, rarely a doer, which isn't a bad thing entirely. This article helped me realize that with a little bit of re-evaluation, it is possible to actually do the things that I have always wanted to do! One of the best articles on the internet, I promise. The website also has other articles on self-health that I haven't checked out yet, but judging by this one, they're probably really well-written.

5. 30 Smart Time Management Tips from Yahoo. This is a quick little article that helps for those who ironically don't have much time. It's a bullet-point list that deals with one of the biggest causes of productivity problems: Time management. I was glad that the author did not go through the same ol' points that every "time management" article spews. Well, okay, the first two bullet points are. But that's not the point. My favorite: 10. Another approach: Before you check your email or voicemail or get involved in the minutiae of the day, devote a solid hour to your most important project. 

I had originally posted three articles, but I can't find the third one in my archives on Tumblr! To make up for it, I will leave you with this handy-dandy chart to staying creative:

As any artist will tell you, it actually is difficult to just turn that creative switch on!
Here's to happier, more fulfilling lives!
<3 Linda

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