Thursday, September 29, 2011

LCC: The first post of many

This was from a 50's musical we did in Spring. The outfits were adorable! I'm in the front.
The theater company that I am a part of, LCC Theatre Co., is coming together for the first official meeting of the year today. I joined last year, in my winter quarter, so by the time this quarter's done, I will have been with them for a year! I love everyone in the group; If I had to sum us up, I'd say we're a mix of all kinds of kids who just love creativity. I'm the Internal Marketing Director this year so I've already seen a bunch of people from the group, but I can't wait for tonight. We're doing cold reads, which means we're reading all of the scripts and deciding on which to turn into a production. This year my goal is to become better at improv and more brave when it comes to performing. It's so scary for a shy person! I'll write about my audition experience and little things from last year later when I have more time. But basically, expect a lot of behind-the-scenes pictures and possibly videos of these guys, because I love working with them!
<3 Linda

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