Monday, September 5, 2011

Movies & Mixes Monday: LA-Underground // Happy Labor Day!

I used to be a music-hunter. Mainly because I like trying to figure out who's the next to make it big, but now I have a reason to take it up again: I'm in LA. A lot of acts, big and small, come here! It's a waste of an opportunity if I don't go see a couple of shows during the year. To help me out with this I'm resorting to one of my favorite music blogs: LA-Underground, which I used to read even before I lived in the big city.

LA Underground is appealing to both people who live in LA and people who don't. On the side, it lists local concerts, but ultimately it's a music blog that has lots of videos, downloadable songs to groove to, and articles to keep you busy. It also has plenty of links to affiliates and bands who are "on the bubble", if you're looking out for some bands that the writers recommend. Thanks to them, I discovered my love for Warpaint, an all-female band that I've gushed about many a time on this blog!

This was supposed to be a much longer post as I have plenty of other sites to share, but I decided to break it up into a series through the upcoming weeks. In completely unrelated news, it's Labor Day over here! I'm going to celebrate by getting some fresh air and sun, and catching up on crochet projects. Hope everyone's having a great three-day!
<3 Linda

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