Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cramped Living Quarters

The full view
My favorite painting by Van Gogh, "Cafe Terrace at Night" and an L-shaped paperclip.
Gala Darling's self-love manifesto. Told you I printed it out! I changed the color to match everything else, though.
Go check out this artist's site at!
And lastly, my own scallops. I'm planning on making more for the shop, but I had to have them for myself too! Mine's a brighter mint green than the pictures show.

And there you have it. I'm living here full-time so my desk is pretty darn messy from all the things I have, but you can see a few snippets of my personality here and there! 
<3 Linda


  1. LOVE the crocheted scallops. So cute!

  2. What a cute little space! Your desk is sooo much more organized than mine.

    The scallops are so cute. That's a really clever idea for decorating the desk! ^_^


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