Thursday, November 24, 2011

TiLT (Part 2): Giving Thanks For...

  • Having amazing friends who enjoy my presence and are willing to pick me up when I'm not doing so well. (This was the day that I played improv and a random girl told me I was a "bad partner". Conclusion: I'm not going to play improv for a while.)
  • Having an awesome family that's going to drive down to see me tomorrow. I haven't seen them in ages. It will be nice. (I'm only saying this because they read this blog... JUST KIDDING! Sort of. :P)
  • Having festive roommates who decorate our room for Christmas a month early.
  • The wonderful, slightly chilly weather that has finally graced Los Angeles.
  • The extra days to catch up on homework... I mean...
I'm just--- really thankful. In general. To life, for having worked things out in such a way that I can for once be content and not extremely anxious about things going on. I would say more but I only had a chance to write this at 4 in the morning, so my brain is pretty darn kaput. Happy Thanksgiving!
<3 Linda

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