Thursday, November 10, 2011

LCC: It's Showtime!

Today and tomorrow is the culmination of all of our artistic efforts: LCC Theatre Co.'s quarterly show called Pieced Together! Like I said, I've been assistant directing, acting, and being marketing director (so making programs and whatnot)... so it's been quite the ride.

So far, it's been a craze of all-nighters to pull off a great show. Yesterday, I spent the night at someone else's place, worked on a video that was shown today, and then did my homework with about an hour to spare till the deadline. Close calls....We actually filled all (good) seats on our less popular day! Tomorrow should be a full house, since most people said they'd rather go on Thursday. Let's hope! We've been getting some great press for the show. Unfortunately this was the main picture chosen to be in the daily newspaper article we were doing though:

I can say this is definitely our most awkward picture yet. It was taken during an improv set when we played the game "Interrogation", which is actually my favorite improv game to play because it's often punny. Just thought I'd explain why we all had such harassed faces. It's kind of hilarious!

Today was far too rushed, I still don't feel like we've put on a show. Tomorrow night, however, I will try to bring my camera and document the goings-on behind the scenes of our show! Excitement. Just wanted to pop in and let you know what I'm up to!
<3 Linda

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