Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Food for Thought, Just Food

When I blogged about "pigging out on Pizookies with a friend", a lot of you asked me what a Pizookie was. I didn't realize it was such an unknown dessert! Basically it's exclusive to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse; based on this map it looks like they don't exist in Midwestern states. They give you ice cream and a warm cookie in a tin, and you pour the ice cream on top so that it has that perfect gooey hot and cold combination of dessert goodness in your mouth. They make the best cream soda as well, which I of course indulge in whenever I'm not gorging on Pizookies.... I digress. I found a few pictures I took a couple of weeks ago when I went with a friend to go eat dinner. She owed me money so she decided to slowly pay me back in dessert (Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We will see.)

I haven't been having the best quarter. Whenever this happens, I find myself "self-loving" a bit too much to make up for it, and this always takes the form of impulse buys in food. When my roommate and I trekked into Santa Monica to peruse stores, we came across a crepe place and of course, I had to have one. Did we miss our bus because I had to have one? Yes. Do I regret anything? Of course not!

And the worst part? This wasn't the first time I splurged on a crepe in that cafe. They have the best marketing strategy ever: Put tons of Nutella cans in the window so that you start to drool over the thought of a hot Nutella crepe with fresh strawberries. Sigh... I really need to learn to control myself, food-wise! Comfort food is the best food though, I have to admit. Haha!

<3 Linda
PS. Does anyone know how to insert GIFs into a post? I tried uploading it onto Flickr to get it on here but it was too large, and it's difficult to resize a GIF. Let me know, I had been so excited for it!


  1. ugh, I love pizookies. I wish I never tasted one because they are just too good to resist


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