Monday, November 14, 2011

An Extremely Late Halloween

I don't quite want to post photos from the ridiculously amazing show my theater company just had because I feel like it would be overkill, but I do want to catch up with posting a lot of pictures that have been floating around on my desktop with no purpose. This set is from around Halloween.

My friends Yalda and Ivy are my two other "Marketeers", or Marketing Directors in the group, so we caught dinner. (As for the picture, there's only so much you can do to light up a dimly lit photo... my apologies). After that, we headed to the nearest Halloween store to play around with the crazy things you can find there.

 She had been happy to take a photo...
Until she saw the creepy clown in the background.

 Real or fake, rats have never scared me.

 Ladies and gents, I present to you my future as a cat lady.

Marketeers fo' lyfe. Or rather till the end of the year. Haha!

So many more pictures to post... but I'm going to try to keep it organized, so I'll end here. Overall it was a great date with good friends! There's nothing better.
<3 Linda

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