Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Pear's 12 Days of Xmas!

Hi guys! One of my favorite bloggers of all time is the lovely Lauren from The Perfect Pear. I would say she's second to Andrea (a la The Paper Sparrow) in my book when it comes to DIYs. She forever creates something that's not only unique, but doable and fun! For me I like DIYs that involve a guideline but allow for a bit of interpretation, and Lauren delivers. Now she's created 12 days worth of DIYs as an e-course, called "12 Days of Merry DIYs". It's only $15 dollars, and seems to be the perfect gift for a crafty friend during the holiday season! Check her site out for more info on the course!

<3 Linda
PS. I am a sponsor on her site, by the way-- I completely forgot to mention that before! I only support blogs that I feel are truly genuine and so I'm happy to help her out. Plus, she's a super-sweet person. You go, Lauren!

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