Monday, November 12, 2012

Bamboozled:: LCC Goods

It's really difficult to draw on a tablet versus in real life! Here are some (old) projects of mine, all to do with LCC. I mainly use it to make things for this group because I normally don't have other opportunities to submit my work. Check it out!

This is the cover I designed for my theater group for our Winter show (almost a year ago!) I'm surprised I never posted it... I drew all of this from scratch about thirty minutes before it was due and somehow it got chosen. Font used: Geosanslight & Market Deco.

This was supposed to be a shirt design for our theater company but later turned into a print because it wasn't chosen. I just had fun with an idea that two people had (Ivy and Yannan) and played around with our logo! Once again this was made about 30 minutes before and I have no idea how I managed to work that fast. Thank you Wacom! Fonts used: Market Deco & Pupcat.

Lapu-ception... This Halloween drawing was originally posted onto LCC Theatre Company's Facebook Page. I'm rather proud of it because I whipped it up in no more than 5 minutes! This was also done on Photoshop. Fonts used: Honey Script.

I've been doing a LOT of designing over the summer and recently. It's the only thing that keeps me entertained and tirelessly working! Still got a long way to go with the Wacom, though, but I love using it for almost every project I do. All pictures are copyright The Little Willow Blog, so please do not reuse/steal anything. Thanks! 

<3 Linda

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