Friday, September 9, 2011

The Top Five Bravest Jobs

Sometimes, you've just got to admire some people for doing what they do, despite the enormous amount of pressure.
1. Being a comedian is scary. I mean, can you imagine going out there and risking being laughed at, or, even worse, having no one laugh at all? And let's not forget the hecklers and half-drunk people that think they're funnier than the person up on stage. Putting out things that you think are funny takes guts.

2. Entrepreneurs have the daunting challenge of starting off something from scratch. It can not only be overwhelming, but also a huge risk. One day you could be soaring, and the next, your employees could be bought up by the competition and you could find yourself being forced to do their jobs just to get the product done. (Okay, so I got that from watching too many episodes of The Cupcake Girls. But their show really got me thinking!) You have to do it all, and be good at it. However, it's probably the most satisfying of all jobs to be your own boss. The only thing is, being your own boss means taking full responsibility for everyone beneath you.

3. I'm not sure of exactly what investors do or how they do it (My dad's answer when I asked for clarification: "Nobody knows"). But I would imagine it involves a lot of gambling and numbers, which are equally scary. And if you don't do your math right, you could be faced with a lot of issues, mostly financially. The thought of putting your faith in someone else's product is enough to make me not want to learn any more about it, but I can see why it's worth it. Forgive me if I'm ignorant!

4. Doctors are often hailed as heroes, but E.R. surgeons probably have it the worst. Not only do they have a time crunch and have had to go through half of a lifetime's worth of education, but they have people's lives in their hands! It's so amazing to think of how many people owe their lives to surgeons working under pressure. And how brave a doctor has to be to keep working despite occasional failures.

5. Teachers are my final choice for having a brave job, even though there are plenty of other occupations that are also considered brave to others. Teaching is such an important skill; it's how we pass our knowledge down to others. To be the person that is responsible for molding the minds of young children (or older) requires a lot of courage. And plus, working around the generation gap must be scary too! Getting your students just to think you're cool is probably a tough job in itself.

And there you have it folks! The most unconventionally brave careers that you can possibly have. Sometimes courage comes in different shapes and sizes, whether it be social, financial, or otherwise, and I think it's important to honor them all.
<3 Linda


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