Monday, December 19, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Shopping!

I just bought these Lands' End Suede Booties for only $18, while the original price was $60! They're having an amazing deal right now. Read: 40% off everything, including clearance, plus free shipping! If that's not a great deal, I don't know what is. Head on over, you will not be sorry!

Here are some of the items I simply loved...
1. This Woodland Critters Hooded Towel is so adorable! Who says you're too old for it? They also have an owl and blue jay one available. Imagine getting out of a shower and sitting around with this on! Price: $12; Savings: $23.
2. Pleated skirts are in, and this Women's Pleated Skirt has just the right amount of simplicity to it. I love the "dusty jade" color... it's quite minty. Price: $12; Savings: $38.
3. You know I have to include the amazing boots that I bought! They come in a dark red and light brown version too. Price: $18; Savings: $42.
4. I was also about to buy these Flat Espadrilles, but had to resist. They're actually girls shoes, but if you have tiny feet like me, you can still fit into children's sizes (and you'll save that much more too!). I think these are darling, especially with the little bow and gingham print. Price: $4; Savings: $21.
5. Bathing suits are a whole lot cheaper during the winter season, and this Halter Tank Swimsuit is no exception. I like the white color the best because it has a Marilyn-esque, retro vibe, but it's available in many more colors as well! Price: $8; Savings: $52 (Whoa.)
6. I threw this one in there mainly because I really want it. This is a Fleece Ear Wrap, as in you wear it around the back of your neck instead of around your head. The result is hair that is not messed up and toasty ears! :) Price: $8; Savings: $17.

Anyway, hope this has convinced you to go shopping online for loved ones this Christmas! A lot of places have sweet deals and guarantees to deliver by the 25th. It's perfect!
<3 Linda
Ps. Just to let you know, they haven't asked me to write about them or anything, I'm just really excited about deals and I want you to get the chance to take advantage of them too!

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