Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LCC: The Audition Story

Hey guys! I don't know if anyone will care for this, but since I talked about joining a theater group recently in a post, and I have posted once before about LCC Theatre Co., I want to take some time to talk about my audition.

I almost always take a long, more scenic route back from class when walking, but on that day, I took a path through the most crowded walkway on campus. On this walkway, a lot of clubs often hand you flyers for events while you're trying to get to class. As I was walking, a tiny voice called, "Improv! Comedy! Drama!" and I immediately stopped. Having not had any drama department in my high school, I've always wanted to participate in theater but never had the chance. I talked to the girl who had been flyering, which I will admit, is something that I normally do not do because I am terrified of talking to strangers, especially spontaneously. This girl told me that auditions were coming up and that I should try out, so I took a flyer and soon forgot about it. It seems that I put it in a textbook, because midterms were coming up and the flyer fell out when I was looking through my book. I absentmindedly browsed their website and thought they seemed like cool people, this "LCC". I signed up for an audition and hoped for the best.

For once, I did not feel anxious. For once, I felt empowered; like I could actually have a chance. And so when they asked me to do improv (something I've never done before) I actually managed to do something funny! I will not go into complete detail, but I do remember being so excited about all of it, and hoping for the best. After callbacks, which were the next week, I felt terrible though. I honestly thought it was over for me, after seeing all the talented people out there who actually were funny. I see now that it was more of an isolation tactic of mine, a "me versus them" philosophy that I create all too often in my head. Long story short, I found out I had been one of two freshmen who made it in. The girl that had initially talked me into trying out is now a Producer (one of two head honchos) in the group!

I really just feel like everything fell into place at the right time, and I have never been happier. Each quarter gives me another opportunity to play an even deeper or comfort-stretching role: This year I'm serving as comic relief in a dramedy as a drama teacher who is 1 part creepy, 1 part war veteran, and 1 part crazily British. In the process I've been finding out so much more about myself. I've been in LCC for about a year now, and if anything has given me the chance to push my comfort zone even further, it's this group. Our show is in two weeks, so we're down to crunch time. Can't wait to share some pictures with you all!

<3 Linda


  1. Wow, how exciting! I am totally psyched for you. Congrats on doing well on the audition and for making it is! \\(^___^)//

    Reading your post today was really inspiring. I was cheering you on in my head while reading when you were talking to the gal about the audition. ;D

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. i always admire people who can do impro. you must be really talented!!
    I hope the show will be fun and work out fine - I'm sure it'll be an awesome experience :)

  3. Wow! Congrats! Seriously! I admire anyone who can get up on stage and share their talents. I am so happy for you!! :) I'll be checking back later to see how things go. :)

    Digger ~xoxo~


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