Monday, March 12, 2012

Please Stand By

Once again, this semester has managed to fly by. I finished yet another show with LCC Theatre Co., this time acting as an illusion of a tiny 8 year old girl. It wasn't too far of a leap, considering I have really young features anyway! Good to know that in the future I'll age gracefully. Anywho, this time around, my flyer design got chosen! Here it is:
I will never tire of design. It's definitely my passion, and all that I've ever known to be my passion. It feels really natural, and so I'm honored to have had my creation chosen. I also helped design the programs, but there are so many pages in that, that I highly doubt you'd want to see 'em.

The idea of "Please Stand By" was to create a show where the audience feels like they're watching TV. We filmed "commercials" which were basically short sketches, and played them in between each scene, along with static! You can see these commercials online by clicking here. I'm only in one, but the others are really funny, so you should watch them!
It was really interesting to go from playing an old lady last quarter to the exact opposite this time! I'm so glad the quarter's over, though. I could do with a week of vacation! I'll be staying for a couple of days to be with friends, and then taking a flight back home.

Do you have any plans for spring break?
<3 Linda

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  1. So much fun! I was in the student theatre association for some time, it was great. I stopped thouhg and I always get mixed feelings about that when I see other people play.. :)




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