Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

You can never have too many fonts, right? I was looking for a nice handwritten script as well as a stand-out font for a poster I'm making for my theatre group.

In order:
Throw my Hands up in the Air is really simple looking and good for writing large chunks of text without it looking too cluttered.
Skinny Black is cute because of the little holes that are blacked out.
Never Let Go is a pretty looking cursive font, 'nuff said.
VTKR Flowers in my Soul is gorgeous. If you look closely, there are flowers detailed in the letters! I couldn't get the font size large enough to do it justice in this picture, but you should check it out.
Honey Script is a sophisticated version of handwriting, aka the cursive I always wanted to have but probably never will.
Skinny Jeans will be fun to decorate and color in on posters or any art project, really.
Jenna Sue is similar to Throw My Hands Up in the Air, but a little more decorative.
Market Deco reminds me of something you'd see on a new edition of an old classic book, like The Great Gatsby or something.
The Only Exception, LaurenScript, and Learning Curve. They're all slight variations on cursive, but the last one's my favorite. That's how I used to write when I learned cursive in school! I remember winning a handwriting competition for the best cursive in third grade. Yup, it's my greatest accomplishment yet. Also check out the dotted version (not seen here), I feel like it would be a really cute addition to any photo!

I'm late to class so I'm off!
<3 Linda

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  1. Market Deco....that was one of the first special fonts I downloaded and used it all. the. time. I made myself stop. I love the simplicity and uniformity. This is going to make me font-search now. I really like LaurenScript too!


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