Monday, October 24, 2011

Movies & Mixes Monday: Soundtracks, Part 2

And now for round two on my favorite soundtracks! I need to get around to actually downloading these things-- right now I'm living off Youtube, which (I know, I know) is terrible.

  • Kirsten, thanks so much for the recommendation to listen to "The Hours" soundtrack! I started listening to it while studying but eventually ended up putting everything down and just closing my eyes to take a listen. It's so ridiculously intense that it fills up your soul and all of your senses too. Just trust me! You can listen to it here.

Some more goodies:

  • "This is Neverland": Finding Neverland. This song makes me think about that specific scene... which I will not talk about since I don't know if you've seen the movie or not. Just know it's so strong and great because of this song's magical feeling!
  • Anyone who's a fan of Amelie will love this one: "La Valse D'Amelie". This song just goes so well with the whole feel of the movie!
  • Donnie Darko's songs were really good for the entire theme of the movie. I for one am a fan of Tears for Fears because of this movie. Some other great songs that are featured: "Did You Know Him?", "The Artifact and Living".
  • Simpon and Garfunkel's entire soundtrack in The Graduate reminds me of my dad, since he listens to that kind of music all the time! My favorites are "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Sound of Silence".
  • One that I can't get out of my head: "You and Me" from Blue Valentine. I have yet to see the movie! My roommates are obsessed with Ryan Gosling, so I'm guessing I'm going to see it by the end of the year. This song sounds like something that should be playing out of a gramophone... Can you imagine how good it would sound on vinyl?

You can also find part one of my soundtrack recommendations here. Hope you all have a great week!
<3 Linda

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  1. I like to listen to the Hours when I study. Though at night it can be a little creepy. LOVE LOVE Amelie's soundtrack and Donnie Darko. Echo and the Bunnymen. So good.


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