Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Sorry I've been so M.I.A all weekend! I've been struggling to keep up with everything from academics to social responsibilities. I cannot wait until two weeks from now, when it's all over! I'll still have finals, but not as much of anything else.

Since I haven't been able to properly post, I decided to humor you all with this photo of my roommate and I. She's a trophy wife (with no one to be the other half as the husband--- which basically meant she got hit on all night. Hilarious but terrible at the same time... and oh-so awkward for myself!) and I am a mime. I was initially supposed to be The Riddler, and I had my outfit (almost) ready as well. However, my friends and I all had to cancel meeting up and gallivanting around town in villainous costumes because we accidentally put the wrong times on our theatre show flyers. This basically means we ended up sitting and sticking labels on flyers all night instead! It wasn't that bad, really. I find that I'm willing to do almost anything when I care about it, and I'm not stressed either.

Hilights from this weekend:

  • Hot weather... I love L.A.!
  • Studying for midterms... still.
  • Wearing long, bulky over the knee socks! I am so addicted.
  • Local concert sessions
  • My last-minute mime outfit: A dress (rolled up), my roommate's vest, shorts, long socks (again!), a bowler, and gloves... along with some brilliant and slightly scary makeup! Oh how I love playing dress up. Pretending to be someone other than myself is so fascinating to me.
  • Getting closer to people by seeing them more often... On Friday, my friend Ivy and I got together and basically just hung out, talked, and pigged out on Pizookies (what's new? This has turned into our tradition).
  • Tech day from 12PM to 10 PM with few breaks. It was tiring but I feel much more prepared to go out there and make myself vulnerable.... It may sound odd, but I've always been more scared of being funny than being emotional-- which is exactly the reason why I auditioned for the role that I did. I still shake behind the scenes but I know it's going to make me a better person, so I'm proud of myself!
  • Having people ask me to teach them how to crochet. I'm so excited about this! It makes me feel like I actually know how to do something well.
<3 Linda


  1. Though i was super excited about the Riddler, this is a cute costume too.

    I'm totally jealous that you're done in 2 weeks. I have five more. Blehg.

    And taunting me with warm weather talk? I guess I can't be too made. At least it isn't snowing here. And I totally wish I could find over the knee socks. That sounds so warm and perfect, but I've literally never seen those. Maybe I'll crochet a pair.

  2. Happy Halloween!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend:)

    I had never heard of pizookies, but now that I looked it up I'm desperate to try one!

  3. Oh yummy yummy yummy! That sounds like such a wonderful time! Glad you had a good weekend!


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