Thursday, October 20, 2011

Costume Time!

After a whole lot of pondering over what to wear, I've finally decided to be (possibly) two things: The Riddler and a Musketeer! They're both going to be part of a group set of costumes, though. Before I decided on what to be, I brainstormed a couple of ideas for dressing up on Polyvore. I like the idea of creating outfits out of actual clothes because they look less tacky and you can wear the pieces outside of Halloween.

I'm just excited because it's going to be the first time since... middle school? that I'm going to be participating in Halloween! How exciting!

<3 Linda
(Ps. If you couldn't tell, I made a Polyvore account... it's so addicting though!)


  1. loving your polyvore sets! These costume ideas are awesome and all of them do-able. I cannot thank you enough, again, for the Hitchcock Blog party idea. I hope you liked all the posts and thank you so much for everything. p.s. you are right, polyvore is VERY addicting : ) xo

  2. So many cute outfits!! I think I like the Indiana Jones' one best, with the Riddler a very close second.

    I have no idea what to do for Halloween this year. x.x

  3. The Riddler! Nice! I was just looking that up for a project I was doing. I'm still stumped on what to be. But I think the Riddler is awesome.

  4. That ringmaster outfit is awesome!


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